Deborah Nolan

University of California, Berkeley
Professor, Department of Statistics

Deborah Nolan has led many efforts to improve instruction in mathematics and statistics and to engage undergraduates in educational outreach. She holds the Zaffaroni Family Chair in Undergraduate Education at Berkeley, and received the University's Distinguished Teaching Award at Berkeley and the William R. Kenan, Jr. Visiting Professorship for Distinguished Teaching at Princeton. She is a fellow of the American Statistical Association, and former Chair of both its Computing Section and its Education Section. She is also a Fellow of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics. She co-directs the math and science teacher preparation program, Cal Teach, and master teacher in-service program, Math for America, Berkeley. She is the author of several books, including this one.

Duncan Temple Lang

University of California, Davis
Professor, Department of Statistics
Director, Data Science Initiative

Duncan Temple Lang has been involved in the development of R and S for 20 years, and has developed over 100 R packages. He focuses on exploring and developing new possibilities for statistical computing, typically investigating new and ambitious paradigms and technologies from other disciplines and incorporating them, currently, into the R environment. He is currently working on compilation for using an LLVM-based approach; provenance for R computations; type inference; and a fast, flexible framework for Bayesian and likelihood computations in R (NIMBLE); and graphical processing units (GPUs). He recently became the Director of the UC Davis Data Science Initiative.

Nolan and Temple Lang are the authors of the book XML and Web Technologies for Data Science in R. They have also organized and led several NSF-funded summer programs aimed at attracting students to graduate studies in statistics, and short workshops in data science topics. Together, they developed a course, Concepts in Computing with Data, on their respective campuses, and they have collaborated on systems for interactive, reproducible, dynamic documents, and Web-based visualization.

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